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I specialize in wedding and elopement photography, so I don’t typically take on family and senior portrait sessions. Engagement session aren’t typically built into my wedding or elopement packages, but I love doing them and getting to meet my couples early. I would also say that engagement sessions are much easier to personalize because in my experience, EVERYONE wants to offer ideas and help plan the wedding! Normally, engagement sessions end up being outdoors and involve some kind of activity-hiking, kayaking, taste-testing a flight at that cool new microbrew; anything other than going to the park and standing around to take those traditional, forced-smile, stiffly-posed photos. The outdoor exercise isn't necessary, either-this is about you two, so tell me what you guys are all about and I'll be there. You'd rather bar hop downtown? Let's head out and capture some epic urban vibes. Your and your significant other love to cook? Invite me over for dinner and I'll capture some seriously sweet, intimate moments in a place where you already feel comfortable together. (Can you get any more authentic than that?!)


For me, a ‘full-sized wedding’ includes a guest list of 50+, ceremony and reception coverage, as well as formal portraits of the couple, their families (and extended families), and possible ‘getting ready’ and ‘first look’ photos. Any time a wedding has 75+ guests, I bring a second photographer on the big day to make double-sure no moments are missed. Another thing that is super important on wedding day is that the couple, the coordinator/planner (if there is one), and I all have the same itinerary and schedule – I work with all my clients (and their coordinators/planners) to come up with custom wedding day timelines so that we can maximize efficiency. When I first started photographing weddings in 2012, it was still very much the norm to hire your photographer for 8-10 hours; unless your wedding day includes a special religious ceremony or is a multi-day event, I can promise you that you do not need to hire me for 8-10 hours. Working together on a timeline helps to ensure nothing is missed, time is well-dedicated, and that you can save that extra money for the honeymoon, house, etc. (Yes I’m a business owner and making money is great, but I’m also a real human being and things-especially weddings-are expensive! I get it.)


Elopements are weddings that are essentially scaled down. They’re usually much more intimate, with the couple focusing more on either their elopement location or personal effects than catering, or maybe just spending less in general. Typically, elopements have a 10-ish headcount maximum, a super small reception (or no reception plans at all), and it’s mostly about the portraits of the couple! (My husband and I eloped in our living room with just our parents present. We both wore jeans and I had a homemade bouquet. Soon after, we actually dressed up and hired a photographer to meet us at one of our favorite local breweries, and those photos at the brewery in our wedding attire (with beer flights, nachos, and burgers) is what we sent out as our announcement – for us, it was perfect!)

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Every event, celebration, and story is different-if someone is planning an elopement ten minutes from where I live, the price is going to be a little different than if I'm crossing six state lines. (But I do love to travel, so don't be shy if you're on the other side of the country... Or the world. Seriously.) I've got some basic package samples pre-assembled and you'll get alllll the details after you reach out; if you're just looking for a ballpark to start with:


Engagement sessions start at $350 (includes a consultation, planning and permitting requirements, up-to a 30-minute shoot, and an online gallery of all the images with shared printing rights – travel fees not included)


Elopements + small weddings start at $1,000 (includes a consultation, planning and permitting requirements, a customized timeline, an online gallery of all the images with shared printing rights – exact hourly coverage and travel fees depend on size and location of event)


Full-sized weddings start at $3,300 (includes a consultation, planning and permitting requirements, a customized timeline, a second photographer, up to 5-hours wedding day photography coverage, and an online gallery of all the images with shared printing rights – travel fees not included)