New England Elopement and Wedding Photographer Jennifer Mowry


Hey, I’m Jenn-previously Jennifer Mowry Photography. Since starting my photography business in 2012 I've moved, gotten married, and lived a whole lotta life - in 2023 it was finally time to update my business name, too. I'm a New England native who’s in love with the west. As a traveling elopement and wedding photographer I get to spend my days documenting stories of life and love. I’m a huge fan of Glacier National Park, the desert’s color palette, and hanging out around a campfire. Bad movies, good books, and messy nachos are always encouraged. I believe plans aren’t always necessary and neither are shoes. Of course, if you were to ask me, I’d tell you the world’s best beer is the one in my hand. Still curious? Get to know me.

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Capturing honest, genuine moments is always the goal. My favorites are the raw ones; the tears driven by the internal whirlwind of emotions. The moments of nervous hand-squeezing and big bear hugs. The nose-crinkling smiles and loud belly-laughs. These are all moments that we take for granted, but should celebrate and remember. Life is so much more than societal milestones and paychecks-it's a whole lot of small gestures; of happy tears, nose-crinkles, and bear hugs. These are the moments I strive to capture. This is how I tell your story authentically.

You might be thinking, 'that sounds nice, but I'm so awkward and hate having my picture taken!' (I FEEL YOU.) I'm mobile, and making sure you're somewhere you feel comfortable is important to me. Maybe you're not an outdoorsy person at all and just want to book a cute, cuddly indoor session with your partner at home-that's totally fine (and sounds amazing)! Don't worry about feeling awkward in front of the camera; I've got bad jokes, worse dance moves, and a plethora of go-to poses designed to make you (and your partner) more comfortable in front of the camera, AND keep you looking relaxed and natural. We got this.