ONE LAST THING… (It's important)

I want to hear your story and help document it to share with the world, your loved ones, or maybe even just each other. Whether you’re eloping, throwing a big wedding bash, or just hoping to snap some nice engagement photos together, it’s imperative to have a photographer that you click with. Someone that you can trust and feel comfortable enough around to be your true self; you can’t be afraid to maybe get a little goofy (seriously, it will look way cuter than you think)!


I’m pretty laid back and tend to go with the flow, and I use that approach when I’m behind the camera, too. I like to let the day unfold naturally and capture the raw, organic moments; if you have 300+ guests on the invite list and the whole day is nailed down to a strict timeline and you’re already stressed out about everything, we may not be the right match. (And that’s okay.)


The night before the big event, my ideal clients are not staying up late, stressed out, making sure every little thing is perfect; they're drinking a brew by the fire under the night sky, with their best friends, enjoying in every single moment together. #MomentsOverPoses


Usually this type of wedding means it’s smaller than the average to-do, a guest list of 100-ish or under; maybe friends and family are traveling to your location or maybe it’s just you and your closest peeps in the place where it all began. Whatever this day looks like for you, don’t forget what it’s really about; what brought you together, kept you together, and is the foundation for your future together. Details are great; bedazzled-candlestick-holders are great, but those aren't the kind of details that are an integral part of your story and you probably won’t keep them forever after; photographs are the only tangible thing you get to take away from it all, and that is why it’s so important that we connect!

If this resonates with you and you want to throw bedazzled-candlestick-holders to the wind in favor of something as adventurous, meaningful, intimate, and incredible as your love for each other, fill out the form below and we’ll plan something amazing together. I already can't wait to meet you!


Tell me about it! I want to document and help you share your story.

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