Documentary Romantic Adventure Elopement and Wedding Photographer Desert Mountains Coast

Hey, I'm Jenn

I discovered my love for photography when I moved across the country on my own at 17 and found myself lost in the landscape of clouds, mountains, and desert known as Utah. I’ve since moved back to New England (despite the number of Stephen King books I’ve read), but still travel whenever I can. The first wedding I ever photographed was in 2012 (shout-out to Mr+Mrs Wright!) and I haven’t looked back since. I’m an old soul, black-and-white movie lover, and a full-time daydreamer. I am forever inspired by people who are passionate about something. I almost always choose windows-down over A/C in the car (and take the back roads), and believe that good music sounds even better when it’s louder. I could eat Mexican food (or sushi) every day and never, ever get sick of it. I also enjoy scenic walks and buying books that I forget to read.


+DIY anything (and everything)

+WATERCOLOR! I’m just starting my ‘journey’ as of Feb '23 and trying to make time to practice everyday

+Cooking for my husband and I (send me your favorite recipes; I’d LOVE to try them!)

+Making authentic Polish pierogi from scratch

+Babysitting; two close friends had babies two days apart in May 2022 and I am LIVING my honorary Auntie life <3

+Genuinely attempting to be a good plant-mom

+Astrology (Virgo with lots of Leo) + Enneagram (I'm a 1-5-6 tie (but definitely more of a 1 or a 5... Probably 5...)

+Local foraging; I am brand new to this but want to get more invested so badly!

+The idea of ‘Eat Your (preventative) Medicine’ and herbalism

+Slowly becoming that old lady that lives in a cabin on the edge of the forest that people sort-of steer clear of and is the ‘red herring villain,’ but ends up saving the day with her esoteric, old-world truth-knowledge and is actually super kind (and maybe gives new friends frog and mushroom-themed gifts) (#goals)